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John Potts FEATURING Ted Slipchinsky

I just went through a few months of the fear mentioned in below article amidst a long tedious move to a new home & dealing with a several month old diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (brain thing which could possibly lead to Alzheimer's... maybe)... Fear of that led to continuous hopelessness, suicide ideations, etc. Then suddenly I decided to quit psychiatric care which only came up with one medicine for brain anti-deterioration which was not a proven medicine & the only one which did not give me severe side-effects... as soon as I gave up the psychiatric route & went back to my GP, immediately my mood changed & 8 days ago & I feel alive & motivated again! Do I still have the same symptoms of cognitive impairment? Yes. Fear & depression over it? NO! Continuous frustrating visits with a psychiatrist & counselor only kept my fear before me as they offered no hope. As soon as I said, "enough" my doom lifted & positive life thoughts took over again. NOT saying everyone should give up care for a disease, ... I blew the significance way out of proportion in fear...
Please read Ted's entire post below! Thanks! John Potts

Allow Your Fear To Bring You To Your Knees:
Allow your fears to bring you to your knees. Don't just acknowledge them, EXPERIENCE THEM; emotionally and physically. Breathe deeply into them, even as they make your teeth chatter and your legs grow wobbly. This is not the same as magnifying, nurturing or acting on them. And it certainly is not the same as denying them, running from them, or trying to "cure" them. This, I believe, is where most people get tripped up. We become so intent on making our fears go away, that we never allow ourselves to truly experience them and receive the message that they are trying to give us.
But there is more to this process of transformation. As you breathe deeply into your fear and feel it fully in your mind and in your body; choose to experience it from the fullness of your consciousness. You don't try to change the fear; you just begin to remember the rest of what you are. The fear is a tiny sliver of your consciousness, masquerading as the whole. You remember the fullness of what you are by relaxing, breathing deeply, allowing a good friend to remind you, listening to some truth that has always resonated within you, letting music form the spheres touch your heart and soul, standing on the earth, petting the dog or cat and above all else, not trying to cure or run away from your fear. The fear may tell you that it is the true reality, and none of these activities will help you. Just accept that this is how fear behaves and do whatever you have to do to bring your full consciousness to bear. You are, dare I say, changing the paradigm. It's like you have a jar of dirty water. Instead of becoming obsessed with how dirty it looks and focusing on this day and night; you bring it to the ocean. The ocean can handle it. From the perspective of the ocean the dirty water in the jar is minuscule. And believe it or not, the dirty water is thrilled when it is finally allowed to escape from the prison you have kept it in and is allowed to be transformed by the ocean.
There is some very, very good news here friends. The good news is that, as you practice actually allowing yourself to experience your fear (or you anger, or your depression, or your guilt) and -instead of fighting it or trying to make it go away- you just just bring the fullness of your consciousness to bear on it, the negative emotion loses its power. The emotional "juice" dissolves on its own over time (and it does not have to take a long time either)! Just remember that every time the fear comes up, if you let yourself feel it and then just ask to experience it from the fullness of your beingness, the fear is dissolving a little more.
One more thing. This may go against a lot of New Age thinking, but I say, "respect your fear." I say this because your fear did not just arise out of thin air to torment you. Your fear is the last resort that your human consciousness has to get your attention. It is a messenger. There is something that you may not have wanted to look at, some conflict that is only partially conscious, some war going on within yourself; and your fear is pointing back to that. You don't have to analyze this in great detail or get obsessed with it. But it might be something to feel out in your meditation, when you thank your fear for giving you its message.

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